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My question is on health: 3 months ago I had an unprotected

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My question is on sexual health:
3 months ago I had an unprotected sexual encounter. Before that, the last time I had sex was 5 months (long term partner of 8 years) and the woman's last time was 13 months prior (protected) and 8 months (2 years in all) with a partner.
Directly after, I was overcome with a high degree of health anxiety, I was so worried that I had caught something. Not because of any symptoms as such, it was just in my head.
So in the days/weeks that followed I had:
3 x urine & swab test for clamydia and ghonorea ( 6 days, 9 days & 2 weeks) negative
10 day pcr HIV test (day 12) negative
4th generation HIV test at 6 weeks negative
So with all the above, I'm at ease that I can rule out those things. But my big worry is "genital herpes" I've done some research on 'Google' (wrong move I know) and it helped send me into that "health anxiety"
I know that there is HSV1 & 2, 1 being the facial cold sore type which is very common. And up until 2 years ago (I'm now 37) I had never had a cold sore. And have only had 3 in the last 2 years. One of the cold sores came 2 weeks after the sexual encounter. I also know that you can catch type 1 genitally, and vice versa.
I don't want to go into to much detail, but before the sex began, the woman used her own saliva on herself down below (no direct oral sex took place)
so my question is this.
If you can catch type 1 herpes genitally, could i have caught it via the saliva, or would it of had to of been direct skin to skin contact ie oral sex to have caught it that way?
Many thanks
Hello from JustAnswer.

HSV1 that is present as an oral infection would generally not be transmitted by saliva used to lubricate the genitals. There is a theoretic risk if the salivary transfer and subsequent sex occurs very quickly, but realistically, there is no realistic risk of transmission of HSV1 from saliva used to lubricate the genitals and then transmission to a partner via penile-vaginal sex.

In your case, there is another level of protection. In someone with an oral infection of HSV1, they cannot catch a later genital infection. Once the oral infection has caused the production of antibodies, which takes several months, the individual cannot catch another infection of HSV1, regardless of the type or location of exposure. So, since you have had two episodes of cold sores over the 2 years prior to this encounter, you would have antibodies present and you will not contract another infection of HSV1, either orally or genitally.

The only risk of herpes transmission would be if you are exposed to HSV2. There is still a chance that she has an HSV2, even with the sexual history that you relate. Condoms are not as effective at preventing herpes transmission, since condoms only cover a limited amount of genital skin, so a history of only protected sexual encounter will only indicate limited protection. And there are many people with positive HSV2 antibodies that do not recall ever having typical herpetic genital symptoms, so the absence of symptoms, also does preclude the possibility of a genital HSV2 infection. With the history that you relate, the odds are better that she is not infected, but there still is a possibility that she is infected, and this could be a source of infection, even though you could not catch a genital HSV1 infection.

If someone with no symptoms wants to be tested for HSV2, it would require blood tests for antibodies, but it would take about 6 months for antibodies to definitely form. Antibodies may form more quickly in many people, so a positive test would be an accurate result, but a negative test is not reliably negative until 6 months have passed.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thankyou doctor for your answer.
You state that many people have HSV2 but show no clear signs of having it-ie symptoms. If there were such symptoms, what would they be, and how long would they last?
And also, is it possible to have "mild" sypmtoms without having a full "outbreak" and if so, what could they be, and how long would they last?
Many thanks doctor
The usual symptoms of a genital herpes infection are sores that occur for short periods of time, which may be associated with neurologic symptoms, such as pain, burning, or tingling. The duration of symptoms varies, but typically lasts several days. Mild episodes would involve some of the neurologic symptoms without any overt sores.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
And with those "mild" symptoms, you're saying that they could possibly be "pain, burning & tingling" with no sores, and would they only last a few days etc.. They wouldn't be there for weeks or months?
Many thanks
The duration would be the same. They might last a week or so, but would not last weeks or months.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It's just that I've had some symptoms that can be connected to it, but also other things as well- like a "cool" feeling in the shaft of my penis. This has been going on for 5-6weeks,,and I've been told it's psychosomatic or that it's because of my "anxiety" and medication it's taking blood flow away from my penis, and lowered sexual drive etc thus leaving it cold. And been told by one of your colleagues on here that I shouldn't be worried at all.
It's just the more I worry, the worse things seem, which makes me worry more- vicious cycle!!
There is nothing on your description of symptoms that sounds worrisome. A cool sensation is not typical for a herpes infection nor is persistence of synptoms for 5-6 weeks.

It is certainly true that anxiety can cause these symptoms. And since the symptoms appear to get worse as you worry more, that would support that it is due to anxiety. However, ultimately, there is no test that cab prove that anxiety is causing symptoms, so the usual method for diagnosis is to exclude other possible causes of symptoms and whatever condition that is a concern to you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thankyou doctor for saying that I doesn't sound worrisome. And I've been told it by numerous doctors, be it in person or online here.
But the sensations or feelings that I have is frustrating me. But when I've told doctors local GP, or clinic doctors, and in private consultations I've stated these things and they are seeming fed up with me.
So what would your honest opinion be about the feelings I've got of
-Cool feeling in penis (sometimes an ache)
-Sensation around my back passage (feels like heat)
-itching now and again
ANY thoughts on this would be gratefully appreciated
This is my last question
Kind regards
It certainly could be due to anxiety, as noted above.

As for physical causes of these symptoms, the primary concern is that they could be related to prostate disease, such as a prostate infection, or from any condition that affects the pelvic nerves, either where they arise in the spine or anywhere along the course of the nerves.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Last last question doctor..
I've had blood taken and tested for prostate!! Is there anything else you could advise on please
Kindest regards
A blood test is only of limited value for prostate disease. Diagnois of prostate disease would first require a prostate exam and possibly microscopic examination of prostate secretions. Assessment of nerve function would first involve neurologic examination, and there may be benefit of imaging tests of the spine.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok doctor..
Thankyou very much for your answers
Kindest regards
You are most welcome.

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