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I recently went to my Doctor in Dubai general check up

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I recently went to my Doctor in Dubai for a general check up which included a full blood analysis. I am overweight (15.7 stone 6ft tall) and had previously had an ultrasound that identified fatty liver and more recently two small gallstones. When my blood test results came back they showed a raised Ferritin level of 495 and subsequently a Transferserum rate of 65% which my Doctor has explained could suggest Hemochromatosis. I have none of the symptoms and am always full of energy and bounce although I have previously drunk more than I should have. She has asked me to reo my blood test in 4 weeks time and then go for a DNA genetic test to see if I have Hemochromatosis. I am extremely worried and wondered what you believe the chances are of these raised iron levels being caused by anything else. I had recnly been unwell following a business trip to Cairo which had produced a high calproctin level in my stool. Could there be any connection?
Dear customer, Thanks for contacting Justanswer. Besides the hemochromatosis, these results may also be due to a chronic liver condition. Hence I agree with your doctor, and you may need to do these tests again, along with a confirmation if required. Regarding symptoms, some people with hereditary hemochromatosis never have any symptoms. Also there is unlikely to be a connection between the calprotectin level (which is a marker specific for inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract) and the present results. Take care.
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