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Good day I am a 68 year old male and have sex regularly

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Good day
I am a 68 year old male and have sex regularly with my wife but often have difficulty achieving orgasm and when I do, it sometimes is painful, and produces very little semen.
Nevertheless I enjoy the sex and giving my wife plenty of orgasms, but she feels that I don't fully find her sexy enough, which is nonsense, but she would prefer it if I could climax and ejaculate properly.
I take regular medication to combat blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, cholesterol which my GP says can affect my ability to maintain an erection, and has prescribed Levitra but only in limited quantities. It certainly works wonders, but failure to achieve orgasm often leaves my wife feeling that she has somehow failed. Is this treatable, either on the NHS or privately?
Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

Basically before being treated for this symptom your doctors need to find out the cause for the lack of orgasm. An orgasm is a subjective peak of sexual pleasure that in normal conditions coincides with the moment of ejaculation. Some men may suffer from delayed ejaculation. Also in some cases this symptom may be due to psychological factors such as stress and performance anxiety. Also as you have mentioned this may due to the adverse effects of some medication. Therefore consulting a doctor and getting examined will be beneficial. And then based on the cause this can be treated with medications and/or psychological therapy on the NHS or privately. In most cases this is certainly treatable.

Take care.
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