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I had a compression minor op on my right shoulder 5 weeks ago

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I had a compression minor op on my right shoulder 5 weeks ago and in the last three weeks it has given me really bad pain. mostly down to my elbow and any movement of the actual shoulder.... At night I ve not been able to sleep and have walked the floor with pain....I am very sick with strong painkillers so have just taken paracetamol, but found on counting back that I have twice taken more than 8 in 24 hours....Have been ringing appointments every day to check if any cancellations as my appointment with Dr is not till 27th, and I am struggling... Any advice you can give me would be so welcome..... Thank you
Mary Lamb
Hello Mary. What exactly was the operation you had and what were the symptoms with your shoulder before the operation?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
arthritis in my shoulder. I had had pain killing injections, three of them over9 weeks, then my Consultant said he would do a minor op and as far as I understood, stop the bone from grating, causing the pain.. Only a day op, and I followed to the letter on care afterwards, and it just seemed a bruising pain at first, then started to get steadily worse, very hot feeling inside, not on the skin, till now, that its agony to even comb my hair and every movement I can feel pain... thank you..
First off this is anything but a normal postop recovery scenario for that type of operation.
There are a few possibilities of what's going on--
One would be an infection of the joint
Another would be a tendon injury from the surgery itself
The other would be an injury to the labrum--the cartilage that makes up part of the socket area of the ball-and-socket shoulder joint
You need an MRI of the shoulder to determine exactly what's going on for now and at present a sling to immobilize your shoulder would help
The bot***** *****ne is you either need to get in touch directly with your surgeon or see your GP if that isn't possible.
Let me know if you need more information please
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