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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I've had pretty bad pains in my left calf muscle for

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I've had pretty bad pains in my left calf muscle for over a year now, I suffered with sciatica when pregnant so put it down to that. I also get pinching pains on my inner and out thigh and stiff knees I also get sharp pains in my tail bone. I'm currently on the waiting list for Physio but have recently started to notice twitching in my thumb, eyelids and legs! I've also noticed that my right wrist seems weak! It's probably worth mentioning that I am a very anxious person since having a baby, I always worry that I'm ill!
I stupidly googled my symptoms and am now worried I have als!
This is Dr. David

excessive anxiety can often cause benign fasciculation twitching of thumb, eyelids and muscles in the legs.

decreased potassium, dehydration, excessive fatigue, poor sleep can also cause benign fasciculations.

if your anxiety symptoms are bad, you need to see your GP doctor to talk about treatment for anxiety.

you should try to drink more water and get more sleep and take in more potassium and see if that helps your benign fasciculations.

you should try physical therapy and see if that helps your knee and thigh pains

you should work on stretching and strengthening of your muscles and increased flexibility as well

I hope your anxiety symptoms get better

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply! So it doesn't sound like als? Can anxiety cause shooting pains in legs?
no, it doesn't sound like ALS

ALS is very rare.

pinched nerves in your lower back can cause shooting pains in your legs.
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