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Hey my friend is having problems he did something bad a couple

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Hey my friend is having problems he did something bad a couple years ago it wasn't on purpose he just got the wrong end of the stick. What he did was very serious though and he has been on a guilt trip ever since was wondering if you could help me out to try and get him back to his normal self again
This is Dr. David

I can help you.

what did he do?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He was on holiday sharing a room with his mate,he got really drunk one night he came back to his room to find his bed joined up with his mates.. His mate and this girl were lying on top of the joined up beds. His mate then says to him "fancy a threesome", so he strips off this girl looking at him with s cheesy smile as if to say cmon. He left room came back jumped into the conjoined beds starts cuddling the girl then goes to slip his hand down her you know what, (thinking he was in a threesome the whole time) she then grabbed his hand threw it to side turned out she wasn't up for it. He's been mortified and ashamed ever since calling himself a rapist and what not.
this was not his fault.

the girl and his mate should not have lead him on like this

these are not really his friends if they are teasing him and leading him on like this.

did this happen to you or your friend?

there is nothing to feel guilty over.

the girl and the friend should not have been leading him on and luring him into bed.

they were acting like sexual preditors.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
According to her She fell asllep by the time he came back in to the room which makes it even darker but he was too drunk to realise. I understand what your saying but it just looks so bad from an outside prospective she went round telling everyone what happened and all the blame went onto my friend but he's unable to open up about it because it's such a touchy subject. He's being made to look like Bill Cosby or an actual rapist, even know it was a grope and the fact that your hearing more about rape and stuff in the news these days doesent make things any better. The thing was though afterwards she just went back to sleep still with both my friends in the bed right through to the next day you would think she would of screamed and got straight up but no.
there was no rape

it was a misunderstanding

there was no bill cosby use of a date rape drug.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I understand. If it's brought up in a convo again then we will know how to defend ourselfs in the situation. Us guys can easily get the wrong signals especially in a situation like this.
Thanks for your reassurance.
you are welcome

let me know if you have other questions.

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