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I fell a week ago and landed on my back and since then I am

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I fell a week ago and landed on my back and since then I am now having pain like toothache in upper arm radiating down to my hand my shoulder seems dropped slightly too
HelloI am Dr.Amita and I would be assisting you.Can you give me some more information?Can you move and raise your shoulder completely?How painful is that?Any swelling around the shoulder or arm?Thank You.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I can't lift arm up fully mobility restricted in movement , I can't undo my bra as I can't get arm up my back

Thanks for your reply.Inability to lift arm and take it back suggests significant injury.If you did not have any direct impact on the shoulder soft tissue injury involving rotator cuff is more likely.You need to have your shoulder examined by a doctor who may order further testing with x rays and MRI if needed as soft tissue structures like rotator cuff are visualized on MRI.In the meantime you should put your arm in a sling and rest it.Icing the painful area and use an analgesic like Advil would also help.This is an initial answer.Please reply if you need any clarification.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The pain radiates down from top of arm to hand but I do have numbness in same thigh, big toe , I also have carpal tunnel in both hands , iv been going to my gp for 2 yrs with lower back pain numbness across my back at bra level , both knees cracking and very very stiff used to be just in morn my stiffness with legs back and joints now it's constant if 8 sit too long I loose feeling in legs and need to stand till I can move again I'm. Vit d deficiency my bloods came back at 4 was given treatment took it to 42 I'm extremely sleepy after doin anything I head sweat all.time , I get nauseated loads , I my daily m3ds r , omperazole, atenalol , vit d, anti depressant , pregabalin , cocodamol, I also have irritable bowel , and blurred vision , I'm getting nowhere with gp as I'm over weight and everything 8s down to weight , I can't lift a pot as hands too sore I can't get up out chair quickly as too stiff feel I'm getting nowhere

Thank you for your reply.There are clearly other issues which need to be looked into.Weight is an issue but you need to have other problems ruled out as well if they have not already been looked into.These would include thyroid disorders which may be behind weight gain as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis which may be responsible for stiffness in hands and knee pain , lumbar canal stenosis which may be causing numbness and osteoarthritis which gain may be responsible for knee pain and crackling.But the issue which has started with fall is different and needs evaluation for rotator cuff injury if there was no direct impact on shoulder.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have had my thyroid scanned and it has a cyst on my thyroid

Thanks for your reply. Please rate my answer positively so that I can be compensated for my time and expertise.You may continue after you have rated my answer.
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