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My husband has been diagnosed with dementia and depression

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My husband has been diagnosed with dementia and depression but I worry about his physical health.
He eats 3 very large meals a day and snacks but is losing weight at a rate which alarms me. He has come down from 147lbs to 112 in the last 8 months. He is 5'10 and has always been lean but muscular and very energetic.
He is always tired and lacking motivation and energy.
His GP seems to put everything down to his diagnosis of dementia even though the psychiatrist has told him I am very stressed about his physical decline and has asked him to investigate.
I asked for blood tests for thyroid and other blood problems but they told me some iron deficiency but nothing to worry about.
I would like a complete medical check, preferably in a hospital situation so they can judge for themselves that his appetite is not responsible for this.
This evening he has complained for the first time of pain just below his ribs which he is passing of as gas pains.
Could his problems really be as a result of his dementia?
Hi, no none of this is from his dementia or depression. This may be a problem with low cortisol levels and those should be checked. But considering the pain he is now having and the weight loss we might be dealing with pancreatic cancer and he needs a ct scan of the abdomen with contrast to look for that. Also with the iron deficiency he may be anemic and he also needs upper and lower endoscopy to look for a loss of blood cause like a peptic ulcer or colon cancer Let me know if you need any more information please
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Let me know if you need more information Gabrielle
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I don't need any more information at the moment and I am not understanding this payment scale.

No problem but if you do have any more questions please let me know