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DrRussMD, Board Certified MD
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I am a 26 year old slim female. I have found a lump in my

Customer Question

Hi I am a 26 year old slim female. I have found a lump in my left breast about a week or so ago. It is quite hard but moveable, size wise it's about 1 inch or so but its not a defined lump as such, it starts behind my nipple. I've been having some discomfort when I'm in bed which its how I noticed the lump in the first place. I have also been a bit itchy. I have endometriosis which I thought I best mention. I wanted to speak to a doctor as my GP see me until the 28th of October. Of course with it being a lump I am concerned about cancer. I wondered if it's possible for you to could give me some more information on what you think this is likely to be? Thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 2 years ago.
Hellothere is not way to be sure without exam, and possibly ultrasound.It can be a cyst, which would be more common at age 26. OK, so that is an initial answer….Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. When you are ready, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent]. If you forgot something, come back. I am here daily.