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I believe that I have done some bad stuff in the past. I

Customer Question

Hi I believe that I have done some bad stuff in the past. I have never really been a believer in God but have got in trouble and asked for his forgiveness twice. On both occasions I have been forgiven but continued to be a bad person. I have and older brother to sleeps with hundreds of girls and I believe to be the devil and a younger brother who is good as gold and I believe to be a messenger of God. In the last week I have been set tasks to complete to prove that I am worthy and I have past. For example, my older brother offering to buy me food when I can afford it and sending a girl round to my apartment so that I cheat on my girlfriend. If I failed any tasks I would get dragged straight into hell, if I past I could live with my girlfriend. My younger brother video messaged me earlier and he seemed really happy with me. He is travelling with his girlfriend. I believe that I have passed but that I am stuck in eternity. I know I am not going insane because insane people don't know that they are insane. My mom has always started crying when she knows knows Iv been lying and my my dad when questioned if he believes in God is.. If he's real he's a bad person. When my older brother (the devil) sent someone round to my apartment.. It was literally just after my mate went to the shop. I looked through the keyhole and the person didn't look real. Looked like a human woman. She looked straight back at me and walked off wen she new I wasn't going to answer the door. At university aswell a girl was really coming onto me. A really attractive girl that I'm pretty sure would have never happened otherwise. All these stuff seem real. My older brother (the devil has stopped texting me) after I asked him how I was doing. As soon as I had past all the tasks my girlfriend turned up. My and my girlfriend only met in June off tinder and really hit it off. We are exactly like each other and I believe the task was to not cheat on her like I have done pervisly with other girlfriends. As soon as I realised I had past an advert came up on tv saying.. The only way to get out of this is to kill myself and spend eternity in hell or for her to kill herself to free myself to be expected into heven. I believe that my parents know what's going on but i can't tell them or ask them questions because that will result in going straight to hell. Last weekend I was out on a stage weekend.. Drank a lot and got a cold. I havent slept in the last 48 hours and I believe Iv got the flu now, although I am recovering from it. I think I just need rensrance that I will be ok. It's just that everything that happened (in the tests) seemed SO real.. Espaially the girl that was spent to my apartment.. That didn't look human like when I looked through the key hole. It looked stright back at me and walked off. Has anyone else experienced this before? I think I might be getting paronid off lack of sleep? Please help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 2 years ago.
Hi. It would seem to me that you passed all the tests and that you will be OK and that things will be OK. But it does sound as though you are having a problem with sleep deprivation so you should rest, relax and try some melatonin or valerian to get a good night's sleep. Let me know if we need to discuss this further please