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I have had a headache days. Have just woken up and

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I have had a headache for eight days. Have just woken up and it's still here. Would like some guidance on what to do.
Hi there,I am onine and will be happy to answer your questions. is it all over head or on one side?for how long you have this?have you been diagnosed with any chronic headache syndrome?What reaction you get?how would you rate the severity of pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being worst? this is infor request. please reply so i canhelp you . thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Both sides at the temples. Have been diagnosed with aural migraine in the past. However, nothing has lasted this long. Pain level probably only a three/ four but it is more a pressure rather than pain. I'm on medication for high blood pressure. Can't take any other medication because of stomach problems.
thank you for can take paracetamol 1000mg ( if you already take 500 mg, you can tak 500 mg more)or you can try sumatriptan if this is migraine like pain ( you have experienced that before and can decide if this is like that or not )if you develop frequent migraine attacks , you should be on prophylaxis. propranolol would be best choice for you since you also have high blood pressure problem. ( it also controls blood pressure ) Please let me know if i can provide clarifications. thanks I am here to help you and I wish you best health,if done for now, please leave positive rating above the chat box.we only get credit for helping clients after positive feedback.If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask anytime.Please bookmark my profile for asking further questions!This is the link to my profile:
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How can I be sure it is not related to my blood pressure? To honest that's what I'm worried about.
high blood pressure does not cause headache unless its real high . ( contrary to common belief)when high blood pressure causes headaches , it is usually above 180 systolic. and person is very sick with other feature of hypertensive encephalopathy like decreased mentation, vomiting. if you have blood pressure monitor at home , you can check it with that and let me know the readings. thanks
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