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Hey I need some helpI have not had any contact

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Hey I need some help
I have not had any sexual contact with a woman for over 4 months but after a holiday with my mates I discover pain in my penis
I took a bath and this yellow/white sticky discharge that smelt a bit came out and my penis was very sore and patchy red
That was about more than 4 weeks ago and that has been the only occurrence, since then my penis has been fine, but it can hurt to have sex (possibly to the the sensitivity of my penis glans)
What do you think it is?
Prior to this I realised my foreskin was very tight and I never use to clean inside the foreskin until now...
Hello from JustAnswer.
It will help if you could provide some additional information.
Did the yellow/white discharge come from the opening at the end of the penis or from under the foreskin?
Is the pain or sensitivity that occurs during sex within tube running through the penis or on the glans/foreskin?
Is the foreskin currently able to readily slide back and forth over the glans?
Is there any pain or burning with urination?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It felt as though it came from underneath the foreskin
It is now after I've been stretching it
As a side note, during my last sexual incounter, my penis had split due to the tightness of my foreskin, so I had to stretch it when it was healed
Thank you for the additional information.

The symptoms that you describe are typical for an infection of the glans and foreskin. The medical term for this is a balanopthitis, although this is also sometimes simplified to being called a balanitis, which is an infection of the glans.

This infection is not a sexually transmitted disease. Since there is no discharge from the opening and no pain or burning with urination, there is not a concern about possible sexually transmitted disease. A balanopthitis is typically due to an overgrowth of the bacteria or fungus that is normally present on the skin.

Sometimes, good hygiene is sufficient to clear up the infection, and this has apparently helped you significantly, with only the residual symptoms occurring during sex. When good hygiene does not completely clear the infection, then the usual next step would be a topical antifungal or antibiotic ointment. More significant or persistent infections also may need a course of oral antibiotics. But since you have already noticed much improvement with hygiene, it will likely resolve with topical treatment.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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