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I have recently noticed in my stool there are little black

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Hi, i have recently noticed in my stool there are little black bits and red bits in stool after looking closely the particles can be sepearated from stool which is normal brown colour i was just wondering if this was blood and scared it might be bowel cancer i am 33 years old
Hello from JustAnswer.

There are two levels of answer to this question.

First, yes, when there is any red bits in the stool, it is reasonable to be concerned that they could be from blood. Black bits also can be due to digested blood. It is also true that there are other possible causes of red and black discolouration in the stool, most often from food pigments. Therefore, the presence of red or black bits is not proof that there is blood in the stool, but it is an indication that it would be appropriate to do tests to indicate whether the red bits are due to blood. Some of these are available over the counter or can be done by your doctor.

Second, even if it is from blood in the stool, it is very unlikely that it would be due to bowel cancer. There are many possible causes of blood in the stool, and in a 33 year old, there are several other conditions that are statistically more likely than cancer, including ulcer disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or vascular abnormalities. It is still important to know whether these conditions are present, so it is still recommended that anyone with blood in the stool should undergo an evaluation to find the exact cause.

So, it is appropriate for you to first have stool tests to determine whether these red and black bits are from blood in the stool, and if there is blood in the stool, to undergo further evaluation to determine the cause of the blood. However, the greater concern is for the other more common causes of blood in the stool, rather than being a concern for cancer.

If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
These red or black pieces look like timy pieces of skin which is not diffused into stool it can be seperated from stool i was just thinking ot might be from food i ate but i think i have healt anxiety and just think the worse, the stool is normal brown colour but just tiny specks of black bits i have noticed in the stool the black bit can be pulled apart from stool
Yes, it certainly is true that this could be due to food, as I noted above, but the test that would prove that it is not blood and consequently not something for concern is the test of the stool that I noted above.