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I am 54 year old female, fit, healthy, slim, walk fifty miles

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I am 54 year old female, fit, healthy, slim, walk fifty miles a week, don't drink or smoke. Back in the summer I started to get an upset stomach. Bit of cramping diarrhoea and discomfort in the epigastric region. Went to the doctor three weeks ago as it was getting worse and assumed that I was unlucky enough to have developed the famous irritable bowel. Subsequently saw a bowel surgeon who thought the same.... However over the last couple of weeks things have got much worse. I'm just pouring out undigested food and my weight is dropping rapidly. I tested myself with a kit for celiac which was negative and have followed a fodmat diet but things are getting worse. I assumed because of my healthy lifestyle that it's unlikely to be cancer but now think it's too bad to be ibs or can it get this bad.
Hi. This still could possibly be celiac despite the test you did and the diet, but there are other possibilities here--You need a stool culture looking for bacterial enteritis and an H pylori screen for a gastric infection with thatYou also need colonoscopy to check for inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis.You also need upper endoscopy with intestinal samples taken to check for SIBO--small intestinal bacterial overgrowthOnly after those tests, if they're all negative, would I consider IBS as a diagnosisLet me know if you need more information please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Tested negative to H pylori and no change in symptoms when trying gluten free and fodmap diet for sibu. Also started probiotics. I am waiting for a colonoscopy but just need to find out if IBS causes you to go eight times a day just water and undigested food. Also it gets me up at night. I've never had anything like this before ....I'm never ill.
This isn't typical of IBS for sure Sharon.
You still need the stool cultures
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