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My wife is 86 years old and is prescribed Digoxin and

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My wife is 86 years old and is prescribed Digoxin for AF and Metformin for type 2 Diabetes.
Her glucose levels vary from 9.00 to 12 and she does like the odd piece of chocolate (always plain) and cake.
To bring these levels down she is being prescribed a low dose of Glycet.
Is this advisable 1) at her age, 2) for relatively low levels and the Digoxin factor.
Many thanks
Richard Briggs
Hello from JustAnswer.

Yes, this would generally be advisable for someone with blood sugars between 9 and 12, even at her age and while taking digoxin..I typically also use the HgbA1c to guide whether to adjust the treatment regimen for diabetes, but with blood sugar levels ranging from 9 to 12, the HgbA1c would usually also be at a level at which it would be advisable to intensify the treatment.

Blood sugar levels between 9 and 12 would be considered moderate elevations of blood sugar. Using a low dose of Glyset would be reasonable to get slightly better control of the blood sugar and there are no adverse interactions with the digoxin. In fact, there is a theoretical bases that better control of the blood sugar may allow for better control of the AF by any medicine, including the digoxin.

One of the other advantages of using Glyset is that it typically does no cause hypoglycaemia, which is another concern in someone of her age, so would be one of the safest medicines that can be added to her regimen.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know. If you know her most recent HgbA1c, then I can also comment upon that level.
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