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I am 52 yo woman. I suffer with health anxiety and depression

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Hi I am 52 yo woman. I suffer with health anxiety and depression and general anxiety disorder. I have a red painful lump in my armpit i noticed 2 days ago. I had a similar thing about 4 months ago in a different place. Still in the armpit though. Last time it lasted about a week before disappearing completely. This time it is visible to the eye, reddish and the size of a pea/bean. Smooth and moveable and seems to get bigger and smaller, but that may be my imagination and because i keep prodding it! I have a dr appt booked but not until next weds, so as you can imagine my mind is thinking all sorts and I just wanted to know if i should be pushing for more urgent appt or am i just panicking? Thank you.
Hi. This really isn't anything serious
It's either a hair follicle infection or a small sebaceous cyst that's become infected.
You can apply moist warm heat to it in the form of a washcloth for five minutes at a time to see if that will allow it to drain.
It may require antibiotics when you see your doctor but for now you really shouldn't worry about it
Let me know if you need any more information please
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