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Can an individual have a mental health test after using alcohol

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Can an individual have a mental health test after using alcohol and then using 40mg of diazepam for 14 days.having a capacity test while using diazepam ,i thought it was in violation of the criteria for the capacity test, am i right ?
Regards Philip
Hello from JustAnswer.
A capacity test should not be based upon temporary conditions, including the effect of alcohol or other drugs on the system. However, there are situations in which certain drugs, including diazepam, can help to improve the functioning of a patient, so it may be appropriate to perform the capacity test while the individual is taking diazepam.
Since there is no situation in which alcohol could improve functioning of a patient, it can be said that the capacity test should never be done when there is alcohol in the patient. However, it would require some additional assessment of the situation to be able to say whether the diazepam is helping or hindering the functioning of the patient.
Do you know what medical conditions are present in this patient?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes thank you/Asperger's-Autistic spectrum disorder,G.A.D.Alcohol dependent.Borderline personality disorder.
The generalized anxiety disorder is one of the conditions for which diazepam may improve functioning.
Was the diazepam prescribed for this condition?
Has any other medicines been used for control of the symptoms from the anxiety disorder?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It was used for Hyper vigilance .Can you tell me if hyper vigilance is a detain able condition in its own right.because the individual has lost capacity to make an informed decision and how do we stand on Asperger's regarding making informed decisions(capacity)The individual never makes a good informed decision and has a fight or flight component to his build in to his has consequentially put himself at risk of serious Vulnerability/safeguarding issues,many times.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The individual is also on Quetiapine(Max Dose) and Mirtazapine (200mg)
Hypervigilance will frequently be associated with anxiety symptoms and the diazepam could improve the functioning of someone with hypervigilance.
When performing a mental health capacity test, it is not determined by any specific diagnosis, but rather how the patient is affected by that diagnosis. Many people with Asperger's would not fail a mental health capacity test. The key issue in the mental health capacity test, though, would be an assessment of whether he is able to make appropriate decisions, rather than any specific diagnosis.
With these diagnoses, though, the assessment should be done without any alcohol in the system, and the diazepam would only be appropriate if it is improving the functioning of the patient. Since he is also being treated with mirtazapine and questiapine, the issue regarding whether it is appropriate to perform the test while taking the diazepam would be whether the diazepam is improving functioning beyond the effect of the mirtazapine and the quetiapine. If so, then it would be appropriate to perform the assessment while taking the diazepam.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can you tell me the law on the Autism act 2009/10/11/12/13/14/14 regarding the implementing and fulfilling lives Statutory Guidance,Care Act 2014/15 for local authorities including the NHS ,Can a NHS Trust simply say we do not have commissioning to fund this Statutory Guidance and simply cast it to one side and ignored the assessment of needs set in place by a highly respected (World Wide ,Private Charity)Specializing in Autism.the individual has not seen a Consultant or had any trained staff regarding his Autstic needs ,after dissgharge from the specilist hospital and returning back to the care of the NHS.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
In 4 years ?
How does his doctor and trust say that they are meeting his needs?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi,They do not and have said they don't meet his needs regarding his Autism,how can they there are no trained staff within the Trust, Could you tell me what the law says please.There is far to much wriggle room regarding the NHS Trust in our area.Can you find out the answer please.The Trust do not commission,should they by law or should they refer out of county by law ?.
There are many aspects to the legal requirements under this act. While it does not require specialists in autism, it does require that key staff must receive specialized training in autism, including the GPs. For any individual patient, there should be an appropriate assessment of needs and a treatment plan for meeting those needs. The guidance also says that needs should be met locally.
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