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I am currently experiencing symptoms which I'm not sure

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I am currently experiencing symptoms which I'm not sure whether are autoimmune related.
I've had eczema since childhood which got better during adulthood but over the past few years its come back quite badly on my feet (top and soles, between toes) never use to get it there and rest of body is ok.
Over the past few years I've had severe hair loss, always accompanied but a severe burning stinging sensation and when at its worst left ear goes bright red (although ear is not painful, unlike my scalp and back of neck) The pain sometimes so bad I'm reduced to tearful despair. I'm not sure whether to pursue an autoimmune path or another branch of medicine. Blood tests have all come back normal.
Dermatologist cant find anything wrong at the surface level....
This is Dr. David
you should get autoimmune testing to check your ANA, ESR, C reactive protein, anti ds DNA antibody levels to see if you might have an autoimmune disorder causing your symptoms.
autoimmune alopecia areata can cause hair loss.
thyroid abnormalities can cause hair loss. make sure your doctors check your thyroid hormone levels and your iron and ferritin levels.
you might need skin biospies to help diagnose psoriasis of your scalp and feet
you might need stronger prescription steroid creams to help calm down severe eczema or psoriasis.
you might need skin allergy testing to test for food and environmental allergies
oral antihistamines and oral allergy medications like allegra, zyrtec, claritin, benadryl can help calm down severe ezcema as well.
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