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There. I would like an answer from an expert in HIV. Not

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Hi there. I would like an answer from an expert in HIV. Not a general medical person. But a proper specialist.
I just want some reassurance over the following:
a)swedish massage of any kind is not a route for transmission - I have had about 10 massages over the last 6-8 weeks due to a sore shoulder and some of them were very strong.
b)one masseuse unfortunately was NOT what i expected and handled my penis very briefly for a few moments. She also breathed very closely to my penis (8-10cm away). Did I have any form of risk? I very much doubt the woman was HIV + as she had tested negative recently after using an HIV Duo / P24 antigen test. My concern only arose because she said her boyfriend was potentially sleeping around. I am sure the risk here whatever the case i.e. even if she was positive was also nil but would like some reassurance.
c)irrespective of my experiences i would like someone to clarify if they believe INSERTIVE oral is a tangible risk for hiv. I have read a significant body of work on this and looked at various forums and it seems to be an enormously tricky area to give guidance upon. Some sites clearly state that receiving a blow job is NO risk due to salivary properties. Others say it is a theoretical risk and could happen but doesn't. Others say there have been a few case reports but nothing to worry about. I suppose nothing is ever certain but I am interested to know what an expert thinks.
HelloThere is no risk at all here.If she actually gave you oral sex, there would be a risk, but almost zero, not quite.But she did not even do that.You are not at risk from a massage or someone handling your penis, not in terms if HIV what so ever.My board certification is the certification that requires training in HIV.There is no such thing as a separate HIV specialty.I have taken care of patients for over 20 years.You do not have a risk.Period.That said, if you have had sexual intercourse with any partner outside of a monogomous, known, relationship, you need testing once a year, per CDC guidelines. Please click a positive rating.Then come back if needed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dr Thomas. thank you.
I think the only smidgeon of doubt is whether her lips might have literally touched my penis for no more than 2-3 seconds. I am 99% sure she didnt. But there was DEFINITELY no taking of the shaft in the mouth.
On that basis do you consider that a risk or no risk?
I would rationally say it was NO risk given there was no visible blood and the chances of me remembering that sensation would probably be quite strong?
On the subject of insertive oral, again, it is an interesting response - I suppose the question is whether you have ever seen anyone get oral from purely INSERTIVE oral? That might be a good way to answer? And, do you believe the case reports which DO signal this as a transmission route?
I see no risk here.I see anxiety.You should get that treated.There have been cases of trasmission from oral sex.I have never seen it.Yes, I believe the case reports.The risk is not zero.Positive rating please.Please see my add services offer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry - I am going to push you again on this as I sense you may be see no risk - that is great. Is that because you cannot see how fluid of any sort got on to my penis?INSERTIVE oral = you believe there is a risk? Is that due to a woman/man bleeding on to a penis which is mixed with saliva and where the saliva is LESS potent than the viral load?this will be my last question as you have reassured me my risk was zero as i am absolutely sure that she didn't even touch my shaft with her lips let alone take my shaft in my mouth AND she is likely to be HIV negative as she took an HIV Duo/P24 antigen test.thanks for your insight re anxiety - appreciated.
Insertive oral, as I have said more than once, there is a next to zero risk, but not zero.I see no risk from the scenario you describe, as there was not even insertive oral.It has nothing necessarily to do with blood. Oral sex is oral sex, blood or not. There have been case reports.The anxiety needs a diagnosis...could even have OCD components, and I would see someone about this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK thank you for reassuring me. I agree re NO risk and me. Too many things in my favour in this scenario.thank you for clarity re Oral. I think this is a massively under-discussed area of HIV. That said, I can see that causing public fear after anyone gets a BJ would be counter-productive. I assume your general advice is no need to test after a single BJ anyway?final question thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
are you proposing to answer this?
NO, that is not what I said.I have answered this question.It is typical of anxiety disorders that the customer will come back and ask again and again, and even try to distort the answer for relief.My view is that you have no risk.I did NOT say that there is no risk from completed oral sex. I did say there is minimal risk, next to zero.Please click a positive rating at this point.If you would like to go into the actual problem, see my additional services offer.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sorry I was making a slightly different point here about how the way in which oral sex is dealt with within public discourse in relation to HIV. However, I fully understand your POV. Minimal risk, close (which I presume is what you mean by next) to zero.thanks for your on going pointers re anxiety. I have been working with a very well regarded therapist in the UK around this area. My anxiety has diminised substantially over several months. However, stress and other drivers cause it to re-appear.I will consider your offer though believe the price is somewhat high.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would like to work with you on my OCD
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