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I don't get a lot of sun and have suffered with depression

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Hi I don't get a lot of sun and have suffered with depression for a long time., despite being on anti depressants which I know longer take. I thought it maybe an idea to start taking a vitamin d3 supplement. I started taking 5000 iu daily about a week ago. I am just wondering if this dose is safe. Today I am feeling a bit sick with diarea and fairly cold. These symptoms are most likely due to a bug of some sort but I want to be on the safe side. The dose I am taken has not been prescribed by a doctor . Thanks ,
Dear customer, Thanks for your question. Taking Vitamin D supplement is a good idea, but you need to start with a low dosage. Although this dosage may be prescribed in some conditions however for supplementation or deficiency such a high dosage is not indicated. You may take 400-800 IU daily for supplementation. Also letting your doctor know that you are supplementing this vitamin is recommended. Hence without any deficiency or any indication taking 5000 IU daily is not advised and may be harmful. Take care. Please rate the answer with a five star rating. Thanks.
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