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I've seen a gynaecologist who has noted I have mild

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I've seen a gynaecologist who has noted I have mild PCOS and arranged a blood test to see what my hormone levels were doing. She did the test on day 18, and the results were FSH 7.6, LH 13.8, progesterone 1.4 and ostradiol 340.3.
She said from ultrasound I was in second half of cycle and had ovulated. She prescribed me duphaston to take on days 15-25 after next period.
But I now think I've ovulated on day 25-26. My cycles are usually around 5 weeks and she was aware of this but said the womb lining was thick so I was post ovulation.
Was the blood test done too early? Should I get another one done to test post ovulation results?
Would taking this before I've ovulated do any harm? I'm trying to level hormones out ready to conceive next year. Could this be an unnecessary progesterone supplement?
Hello from JustAnswer.What makes you think that you ovulated on day 25-26?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I notice a change in cervical mucus and my skin has started to get spots around my chin again.
Thank you. If there are symptoms that suggest a later ovulation, then yes, I would be concerned that the blood tests were done too early. The 5 week cycle also suggests a date of ovulation after the 18th day on which the blood tests were done. The levels on day 18 is usually appropriate, which is usually about 10 days before the anticipated period for most women, but in someone with a history of 5 week cycles, it may be necessary to check blood tests on day 25-28, which would be 7-10 before the anticipated period with this longer cycle time. So, in this situation, it would be reasonable to recheck the blood tests around day 25-28. Regarding your remaining questions, taking progesterone before ovulation will not do any direct harm, although it may interfere with ovulation during this cycle. To the extent that it may interfere with ovulation during the current cycle, it will not cause any lasting difficulty with ovulation. Many women with PCOS have difficulty with ovulation, but once the progesterone is stopped, the difficulty would not be greater then is seen with PCOS. Whether it is an unnecessary progesterone supplement would depend upon the results of the blood tests obtained later in the cycle. If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Please let me know if I can provide any additional assistance.
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