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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I have few problems with my left ear i hear constant ermm

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hi i have few problems with my left ear i hear constant ermm like shhhhh sound and when something is too high pitch goes crackling sound in left ear. i went to GP had some antibiotics and ear spray OTOMIZE but no change haven't improved and there is no pain GP said i had ear infection. Its been like this over a month now and when talking i hear bit less on that ear. also when i go gym i feel pressure build up bit like when on plane when ear start to block i try to keep in dry and wear ear protection at work as i work in noisy place. and would it be good idea to use ear silicon plug to stop dirt from getting in also it will reduce noise
This is Dr. David
you need more advanced ear testing
from an ENT ear nose throat otolaryngologist
you need hearing tests in both ears
yes, you should use hearing protection at work if there are loud noises at work.
your doctor need to look inside of your ear to check for ear wax and to check for light reflex from the ear drum
no light reflux from the ear drum can be a sign of fluid behind the ear drum in the inner or middle ear.
you might need allergy medications to help clear your sinuses so that any fluid in your inner ear can drain down into your throat easier.
you can try to open your eustachian tube by yawning and thrusting your lower jaw forward a the same time to open your eustachian tube which helps drain fluid from your inner ear down into your throat.
let me know if you have questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you sir I appreciate your help ill try search for specialist rather then GP i don't trust them ill get better service if i find private then free GP