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I have been diagnosed with tmj and anxiety, and am awaiting

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I have been diagnosed with tmj and anxiety, and am awaiting a hospital throat scan for possibly undetected problems in 1 month or so
I am breathing shallow, inconsistent breaths and cannot chew appropriately; the capacity for my mouth esp. the back of my tongue to hold and receive food has reduced significantly and I get full really quickly with symptoms of indigestion - my gp has put me on a soft food diet with anti inflammatories daily and propranolol
Also the tip of my tongue is unnaturally pushing/inclined towards the roof of my mouth and my jaw is clicking intermittently causing me a great deal of pain, my teeth have been checked by a dentist as healthy but keep clasping together and grinding, the oxygen circulation in my throat seems disrupted
are these usual symptoms of tmj or is there something more serious going on as im growing ever more concerned by the day with little useful advice available anywhere , practically
thanks, Aaron
I am a 27 y/o atheist, part time website designer with few previous ailments
This is Dr. David
you need to wear a bite block at night time to prevent you from grinding your teeth and inflaming your TMJ joint
you need to talk to your doctor about medication which can help decrease your anxiety symptoms.
excessive anxiety can cause you to feel tightness in your throat area and also worsen stomach acid which can cause acid reflux and gastritis inflammation of your stomach which can cause upset stomach, indigestion, lack of appetite and full quickly. this can even lead to weight loss over time if your anxiety symptoms are not properly treated.
if you don't get treatment for your anxiety symptoms, you will continue to worry about your symptoms.
you should ask your GP doctor to refer you to see a psychotherapist for cognitive behavioral therapy to help you decrease your anxiety symptoms.
let me know if you have questions.
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*********** is my uk mobile number,when would be convenient - ?
I can call you now
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sure, go ahead mate
thanks for the phone consult
best of luck to you
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