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I'm 21 and a . I've never had regular periods so always

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I'm 21 and a virgin. I've never had regular periods so always expect them a day or two after the calculated day. But today I am around four days late and have noticed brown spots of discharge on the toilet paper. I've been wearing a towel in case my period does start but there has been nothing on them just the toilet paper. I tried searching online for the causes but cant find anything helpful. Also I regularly have discharge on towels that is clear and sticky but sometimes can smell really bad that I can smell it through clothes. Getting a doctors appointment is next to impossible where I am and also finding a day when I am free is difficult too. If there is any advice you have I would be greatful. I realise it may be down to stress and I am trying to calm down but it makes me a little worried. I'm not completely comfortable going to see the doctor unless it's 100% necessary.
Also I don't know if its related but I have also been getting brown, smelly discharge in my belly button. I thought it was just dirt but I have been needing to clean it 4 or 5 times a day now. I have applied some antiseptic cream which helped a little bit but it is still happening.
Hello from JustAnswer.
When you say that you regularly have a smelly discharge, do you mean that this is happening every day or only on certain days?
If only on certain days, how often does this bother you?
How long does the discharge last when it bothers you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It's not every day. I only notice it when I go to the toilet and wipe with toilet paper. It usually lasts for a few days. But I really couldn't be sure. I always just thought it was to do with ovulation. The smell is fairly strong, kind of like an ammonia smell.
There are a couple issue to discuss in this situation.
If the discharge is happening about mid cycle and lasting for a few days, then you are correct that it is most likely related to ovulation and would not be a concern. If there is a smelly discharge that is happening more frequently, there would be concern that there could be an infection of the vagina. Another possibility would be an alteration of the usual good germs of the vagina, even if not an overt infection. Diagnosing an infection would typically be done by an examination of the discharge, but if there is a potential issue related to an alteration in the normal good germs in the vagina, it may improve with the use of a probiotic supplement.
So, if the discharge is occurring around mid-cycle, it is not a concern, and there is no need to perform any intervention. But if it is occurring at other times or more frequently than is your usual pattern, it would be appropriate to be seen or to try a probiotic first, and be seen if the probiotic is not helpful.
As for the last period, it is true that once pregnancy has been excluded, the most common reason for a late or a missed period is stress. Obviously, since you are not sexually active, then pregnancy is excluded without needing to do testing. The stress that can affect periods can be either physical or emotional stress, including many life events that may otherwise be perceived as positive life events. For example, getting married or starting a new job can be very psychologically stressful, and starting a new intense exercise regimen can be very physically stressful. Because the effect of stress on periods is so common, we usually are not concerned about late or missed periods until it has been a problem for three months. So, it is very likely that this period that is 4 days late is due to stress.
If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. I will try the probiotic first and see how that goes. If my issues continue I will make an appointment with the doctor. It is likely that I am a little stressed. I have been looking for a new job and have been having problems in my personal life so it may be due to that.
Yes, these life situations could easily be the source of stress to cause the delayed period.