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Dr. D. Love
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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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Days now I have been experiencing (pull you up type)

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For three days now I have been experiencing (pull you up type) lower abdomen 'cramp-like' pains.
I kept hoping it was just trapped wind but have past semi-loose stools since so surely if 'trapped wind' it would have gone by now.
I am a 70year old ( pre-op and not having a hysterectomy) F-M transsexual.
Now wondering if it could be more serious.(really too embarrassed, if I had to attend hospital and a gynaecologist for obvious reasons. very hirsute/full beard/moustache etc.,!!).
Can you advise?!
It is not always true that excessive intestinal gas would have passed by three days, but first, it will help if you could provide some additional information.
Were you having any other symptoms to suggest excessive intestinal gas, such as bloating?
Have you noticed anything that makes the pain better or worse?
Have you tried taking any medicines for relief of gas?
Do you have any chronic medical problems?
What chronic medicines are you taking?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have severe arthritis that has now limited my mobility so therefore minimising it and with that I am now 'obese' so cannot say there is any 'bloating' as such.
No it just comes in spasms. No warning 'twinges' even.
No I have none here (I'm in a sheltered housing flat/no carer as I try to be as independent as long as I can/taking my own rubbish to bin-room etc., my thought being it is my only exercise/if having a carer I'd not be doing that) I use my computer to purchase groceries etc., but perhaps I should order in something along those lines to try.
I have mentioned my medical 'problems'!!
I am on Simvastatin; Losartan Potassium; Ezetimibe and co-codimol for 'aches and pains'.
(forgive spelling on some of the above medications)!
I do not consider being transsexual a medical problem, but you apparently have a high cholesterol to be using simvastatin and ezetimibe. Is the losartan being used for hypertension or heart disease?
Have you had to use a greater amount of the co-codamol recently for the severe arthritis?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Mentioned my sexuality situ because I still have ovaries etc.,? ( stopped the testosterone at least 4 years ago ).
I believe it's hypertension.
Try to keep the use of 'painkillers' to a minimum. It was changed recently ( I was on 15/500, taking two when required and I now have 30/500 and 15/500 to hand so if a bad day I can take 1x15/500 and 1x30/500 but as I said really try to only use sparingly. (not wanting to be too 'casual' in my intake and dependent on them.
There are many different possible causes of abdominal pain. However, it is reasonable to first consider whether any pre-existing chronic medical problems could be contributing to the symptoms. Neither the elevated cholesterol or hypertension would usually contribute to abdominal pain. However, there are a couple of mechanisms by which severe arthritis could contribute to abdominal pain, and can contribute to excessive gas and a diminished ability to clear excessive gas from the system.
If the arthritis is affecting the spine, it can affect the nerves that serve the gut. If these nerves are affected as they exit the spine, it can cause a type of paralysis/weakness of the gut, so that there can be retained food or gas. In addition, the codeine in the co-codamol can suppress the muscular activity of the gut, which is often manifested as being constipating, but this can also cause excessive gas because the gut in unable to clear the gas. As I said above, it is not always true that excessive intestinal gas would have passed by three days, and either of these problems can be a reason why it would not have resolved within three days.
It is certainly also true that there could be a new problem causing the pain that is unrelated to the pre-existing conditions. Lower abdominal pain can be related to problems in the gut, the genital tract, or the urinary tract. However, since you say that it felt initially to be gas, it is more likely that it is related to the gut, and this could be due to inflammation or infection of the gut, diverticular disease, or a growth in the gut. Yes, you are correct that the ovaries can cause pain such as this, such as from a growth on the ovaries. Each of these problems, though, can only be detected by visiting your doctor and undergoing a proper evaluation.
At this point, the only interventions that can be tried without seeing your doctor would be medicines oriented directly towards relief of gas or interventions to try to clean out any retained stool or gas. The most commonly used medicines for gas are simethicone and activated charcoal. Cleaning out retained stool and gas can be done using oral laxatives or cleansing enemas, or a combination of the two. It also is appropriate to continue to limit the use of the co-codamol, as much as possible. If these interventions ease the symptoms, then that would be fine, but if the symptoms continue, it would be appropriate to be seen.
If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you and thank you for your patience re- my slow typing!!! (only taught myself to use a computer recently so I could buy online(basic stuff/not into any tech-jargon etc.,).
Again many thanks! C.M.B.K.
You are most welcome.
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