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I recently had a a semi- structured interview based on the

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I recently had a a semi- structured interview based on the SCID
(Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders) Protocol for Axis II Personality Disorders which showed that I met the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder and the Psychotherapist confirmed her belief that I have BPD. The assessment was carried out by a Clinical Psychotherapist (UKCP Accredited), Art Psychotherapist (HCPC) and Social Worker (HCPC). The Psychotherapist also has Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy (current), Masters in Mental Health and
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (MBPsS, Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership). I would like to know if this assessment counts as a diagnosis or whether I should also see a Psychiatrist. I understand only a Psychiatrist can prescribe medication but can they also only diagnosis a condition or can a qualified Psychotherapist also do that.
Hello from JustAnswer.
A qualified Psychotherapist can make a diagnosis. Usually, Psychotherapist and Psychiatrists will rely on more than only whether criteria were fulfilled on a semi-structured interview. This is a good tool to assist in the diagnosis, but would not be the sole determinant. But it is within the scope of practice of the Psychotherapist to make a mental health diagnosis.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. Sorry should have been clearer, the diagnosis was based on the Psychotherapist assessment of me and my symptoms over a couple of meetings as well as the formal semi-structured interview which supported her view.
Yes, that is the usual process.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
You are most welcome.