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Dr. David
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I am 56 and just had a smear test all normal then I received

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I am 56 and just had a smear test all normal then I received a letter saying during the smear abnormal cells had been found in the endrometriois to say I am distrate is an understatement I had been having very slight
Spotting but this stopping taking aspirin this has completely
Stopped what are the chances of cancer all websites seem to
Only point that way I havnt slept for days worrying I hope you can put my mind at ease many thanks karen
This is Dr. David
the chances for cancer are still very small.
I am glad that you had a pap smear and the pap found abnormal cells early.
when abnormal cells are found early, you can have procedures such as a conization or a hysterectomy to remove your uterus before you can uterine cancer or more abnormal cells.
that is the purpose of the pap smear.
not bleeding when you have stopped your aspirin is a good sign.
have you been setup to see your GP doctor for a cone procedure?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thankyou so much there was one other thing I wanted to ask if my spotting was due to the aspirin which seems the case now spotting has stopped would that have been the cause of the abnormal cells in my endometriosis as the smear was normal many thanks karen
aspirin would not have caused abnormal cells in the uterus.
you still need a conization procedure to cutout part of your cervix and endometrial canal to sample more cells to see if there is an early cancer there or only dysplasia.
this will give you and your doctors more certainty of what caused the prior bleeding.