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While having sex the other night, when I climaxed (male) I

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While having sex the other night, when I climaxed (male) I felt a very strong, unpleasant and slightly painful sensation at the same time, almost like something fragile rupturing in my right testicle. It felt very painful to the touch for a few hours after as well. I noticed then the next two times I had sex over the next 12 hours that the semen was red when it came out, like the colour of fresh blood. I haven't had sex since. Is this something to be concerned about or will it heal by itself?
Hello from JustAnswer.
When there has been pain and bleeding into the semen that was only an issue on a single day, it is most often due to a ruptured blood vessel, which will heal spontaneously. Blood in the semen can also be due to a variety of other conditions, such as infections of the prostate or epididymis (the tube that drains the testicle), prostate stones, or a vascular abnormality. However, these other conditions will typically cause symptoms that persist for a longer period of time.
Consequently, when there is pain and blood in the semen for a single day, it is not a concern. It would only be necessary for you to see a doctor if the symptoms are persistent. Since you have not had any sex since that day, you obviously cannot know whether it has persisted, but you can make the assessment whenever you next have sex or masturbate.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thanks for the reply. It did feel like something ruptured. What would be a time frame to allow it to heal before trying sex again? Should I leave it a few more days to be sure, and then if I still see blood then would your recommendation be to see a doctor asap? On the right testicle where it happened, between the testicle and the body there feels like a spongy mass in the scrotum, whereas on the other side there is only the loose skin. Thanks.
This usually heals very quickly, typically within a couple days, but it would be fine to give it several days to be certain. The spongy mass may be a collection of blood or blood vessels, but the communication with the epididymis will usually heal quickly, even though it may take weeks for any blood in the tissue to be re-absorbed completely.
If the blood is still present, then it would be appropriate to be seen, but it does not need to be done urgently. If significant pain occur, either with sex or between sex, then it may be appropriate to be seen more quickly. But usually, it can be done when you can arrange an appointment.
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