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Customer Question

49 year old male. 5 foot 6 inch, approx. 12.5 to 13 stone. Non smoker. Very low to no alcohol.
Background health:-
Seemingly mild asthma illness in recent years. On average 1 in 3 days taking what used to be called becotide (brown inhaler) in mornings to help general breathing, and perhaps once or twice a week taking Ventolin (blue inhaler). No other known general illness. - Fairly out of shape/unfit - Took up occasional cycling from home around 2 months ago prior to illnesses developing (!) Around 2-3 miles cycling 3-4 times a week on average
up to late October until more serious illnesses have developed and remained now consistently.
General daily activity/lifestyle in recent months has been working online/laptop sat in leather armchair perhaps average 7-8 hours a day... (not good posture)
Constant symptoms:
For over 2 months, some right leg above knee numbness, every afternoon/evenings.. Since end Sept.
Generally feeling much warmer, occasionally mild sweating, or excessive unusual personal whole body sweating if under high physical exertion..
Increased tiredness and sleep. Typically increasingly feeling exhausted after being awake just 10-12 hours. (Previously typical average 16-17 hour days awake, 7-8 hours sleep (but occasionally during developing increased illness over last 6-8 weeks, sleep has been as long as 13-15 hours sometimes.. and is closer typical average to 10-11 hours..)
Cold/flu/chest infection illness for approx 2 weeks to 18 days.. mid to end of Oct. Seemed to mostly clear. (Took paracetamol from time to time, plenty of water/soft drinks, warm home, most of time in home)
IMPORTANT:- Early November similar virus illness to chest suddenly and then increasingly developed..
- Over last 3 to 4 weeks consistent stressed or laboured breathing to varying degrees..
NB:- Left nostril nearly always blocked. Breathing mostly through right nostril only..
- Right nostril often clear when blowing nose right nostril only producing fairly substantial watery flem.. Virtually no blowing nose snot/flem production from left nostril.
- Very Heavy chest feeling, sometimes like iron weight within whole chest..
- Over last 3 weeks. Extreme long coughing fits sometimes leaving extreme light headedness to almost passing out feeling. The coughing also having severely pulled/slightly torn large muscle to left of back/chest..
- Over last 3 weeks; General occasional dry coughing around every hour or two. Sometimes severe long coughs producing thick flem. Over last 2-3 weeks when occasionally producing, generally light yellow to sometimes light green flem, and occasionally for about 5 days 2 weeks ago extremely thick almost like small flesh pieces.
- At peak of coughing/chest illness approx. 2 weeks ago, for 3 or 4 nights severe coughing fits lasting around 15 minutes and literally bringing up substantial amounts of liquid and some thin flem..... (Never experienced previously in 49 year life.. Literally up to around an eighth of a pint of liquid 2 to 4 times after extreme prolonged coughing within an approx 15 minute period once a night..) The coughs typically with deep wheezing lasting sometimes 4 seconds each, not kind of ordindary 1-2 second coughs.. Prolonged..
- Tongue especially at back has mild numbness, often dryness, including throat..
NB:- Toilet urine Much more frequently (sometimes 2 times an hour..) and often fairly desperate urgently within around 10 minutes without warning. Far more frequent toilet urination visits over last 2-4 weeks. Urine generally deeper darker yellow than normal, or previously considered normal personally. NO blood discharge noticed in either urine or coughing flem production or blowing nose...
Apart from more severe symptoms above this has become almost a way of life developed medium illness to varying degrees (!!) surrounding the same general areas. Especially left nostril being blocked nearly all the time but right nostril virtually always clear and easier breathing.. Light tongue numbness nearly all the time over last 10-12 days and right leg numbness for around 2 hours most afternoons or nights being weird
but not seeming to be severe illness as having to stay in bed.... Annoyingly over many weeks the illness conditions have sometimes seemed to improve over a few days as if going away entirely - But then 1-2 days later return, sometimes far more severe and illness seems to be getting very slowly progressively worse......
Over longer periods of time. To such point that left nostril being constantly blocked, breathing mostly through right nostril only... General stressed or laboured breathing, medium tightish chest and often from afternoon onwards chest feeling heavier like considerable weight within, and dry tongue/throat is just becoming daily factors to almost way of life...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry missed some other principal symptoms. Over last 10 days or so has been increasing tension on forehead, like a weight on forehead and top of head. And fairly consistent mild sweat to forehead, upper arms, arm pits and sides of chest.. Always now heavy feeling chest, stressed to laboured breathing, general coughing every hour or two. Very consistent frequent toilet urine visits, many many more times than considered personally normal. Often becoming very desperate within minutes with little warning. Eyes also often unusually moist, sometimes tear drops, and often extreme itching in eyes too.. Thanks again, Phil
Expert:  Dr. Gehring replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
Welcome to Justanswer! I am Dr. Hoellering, doctor of internal medicine for 20 years and pleased to help you. Since this is not possible with "low details" I send you an offer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Finance is limited.. however there's always scope for additional payment based on actual information and help received not just an uncertainty offer of paying more having to time received nothing.... Patient checker nhs and other free services online have already given various indicators mostly stating to seek emergency medical assistance asap - but that also is not so easy to locality or private circumstances. Thanks
Expert:  Dr. Gehring replied 2 years ago.
I understand.
Let me assure you that it looks much more like allergic asthma than like pneumonia or lung cancer.
I will opt out so you may perhaps find an "extremely experienced doctor" who likes to get deeper into this.
I wish you good luck!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you that's very kind.. and helpful, kind of in line with some illness a few years back or feeling of a Doctor back then too (allergy). I presume a Doctor can not make or send prescriptions for inhalers and any other potential medicines on here (?) which may help. I have nhs entitlement but no effective access to a GP.. but could go to hospital for a Doctor to examine chest etc and possibly xray.. Thank you again for your kindness. Very Best, Phil