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I'm 31 years of age and in my younger years I was subjected

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Hi I'm 31 years of age and in my younger years I was subjected to passive smoking like a lot of people I suppose. In the last 5 months I have had recurrent throat infections. My doctor did a swab that came back clear and explained no need to refer to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Each of these throat infections were diagnosed as pharyngitis and laryngitis. 4 times in last 5 months 4 of which was diagnosed as pahringitis. Each time my sore throat infection and persistant redness in my throat with swollen tonsils have lasted 3 weeks at a time. Not improving on its own in which the doctor resorted to antibiotics. When completion of antibiotics it comes back 1 week later. I don't feel fit and get tired easy, lethargic with aching muscles. The doctor then said I'm just run down. I'm very worried as my dad died of lung cancer and he was turned away by the doctor many times and then it was too late at stage 4. I'm worried I have some sort of throat cancer or tumour?
hi there,I am online and will be happy to answer your questions. your symptoms and age , with given history, your chances of having throat cancer are essentially close to zero percent.( same as general population. NO reason to think on those lines as a physician. you are getting recurrent infections . could be due to number of reasons. excessive stress itself decreases immunity and can lead to recurrent infections like this.if you get other infections like pneumonia, ear infections, skin infections, more often than ususal, i would like to rule out immune deficiency ( congential or acquired ) disorders. Let me reassure you again, you do not have throat/ lung cancer or anything that needs to be worried about. please let me know if you have any questions./ if i should provide clarifications. thanks
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