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From 2002-2009 I was driving a bus that took workers in very

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From 2002-2009 I was driving a bus that took workers in very early. Got up at about 2, and got home about 2 in the afternoon. My wife was disabled, so when I got home, I had a nap then did what was needed around the house etc.
In about May 2009, I stopped doing that, and went on normal working hours.... After about 3/4 weeks I started being unable to sleep, got irritable and, of course, being very tired. So much so, that I began having a "caffeine shot" on the way to work. (Stupid I know now).
So. I was having caffeine to get through work, and doing the necessary at home when I got in, usually anywhere between 5 and 8 pm. (Shifts)...... In November I was beginning to blow things out of proportion, Felt I was being victimised. Having headaches, not bad, but dull and very wearing...........Suddenly I nearly passed out at work, I felt so ill, a friend found me grimly hanging on to a pole on the bus, everything was spinning... I didn't, and never have. There were about 4/5 occurances of this, irregular intervals, and spread over nearly a year...... My Doctor had blood tests done, but could find no physiological reason for them.
To cut a long story a bit shorter. The sleeplessness and other symptoms faded, but would flare up at various times..............I separated from my wife about a year ago, everything is fine between us, and I met a woman who has turned out to be the love of my life, and I was happy........... Last week, her Ex came down to see her and his children, and I was asked not to go round, because she knows that I hate him with a vengeance. Something happened, which I had got the wrong end of the stick about, and everything came back with a bang. I haven't slept properly for 7 days now, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week none at all, and since then about 3 hours a night, The headaches are almost constant and my brain feels as if it is "Fizzing" all the time......... I forgot to mention that I retired on the 2nd of November and was loving it... and I was 66 on the 23rd of September.
I am waiting to get an appointment at the surgery, but only registered yesterday, as Not feeling bad, I didn't think of it...........I just need to be told what is wrong, my life has almost been ruined by this, as my Lady isn't speaking to me at the moment because of what happened. I want to be able to explain things to her, and see if I am a basket case or not.
Thank you so much...... Steve Pryer
Greetings.Welcome to the site.What exactly did you do at your girlfriend's home which caused her to get mad at you ?Were you having sleep problem before that incident happened at your girlfriend's home or did the insomnia struck you due to the overwhelming stress after that in incident?Have you been taking any sleep medications for your sleep problem in the past ?I shall get back to you after you reply to my queries. Kindly give me some time to formulate my answer.Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It was the fact that a story had been made up to keep her Mother quiet about why her ex was coming down. She is 99 and really doesn't like him. I was there when she was told, but nobody thought to tell me what the real reason was. I found out purely by chance because her Daughter happened to mention that it was a story.
I was sleeping quite well, and wasn't feeling tired in any way. I was a bit wound up about him arriving, but he is entitled to visit his children, regardless of what I think of him.
Yes. Everything came back, as I said, with a bang. It has never been that bad before.
I have Zopiclone 3.75 mg tablets, one to be taken as required. These were prescribed by my old doctor on the 7th of September, and I have 21 left. I took 3 last week, not all at once obviously, but they didn't do a thing.
Thanks for the clarification.Well, i believe that you suffer from occasional bouts of anxiety attacks which are clinically describedas panic attacks, they are usually triggered by sstressful situations or stress. This last incident that you described at your girlfriend's place was actually panic attack, and the same has occurred before too during the bus ride sometime back. Basically, insomnia that you have been struggling with on and off has contributed to stress, besides this, any sort of stressful situation like the arrival of your girlfriend's ex which was not so liked by you cause you overwhelming stress so all in all whenever this stress gets over bearing ever due to lack off stress or due to a certain tense situation you tend to develop a panic attack which entails symptoms like head spinning , feeling of loosing control, feeling distressed, anxiety, etc, and other symptoms. Insomnia acts both as a trigger as well as a consequence of panic attack. So I reckon that you need to take 2 doses of zopiclone 3.75 mg at bedtime regularly for 10 days at least so that it gives you enough sleep and takes care of your insomnia.Other than this ask your doctor to start you on an anti depressant drug like lexapro ( escitalopram ) at a modest dose of 5 mg in the morning. This addition of an anti depressant will take care of your panic attacks permanently and you shall not be able to worry about such situations again. Now as far as your girlfriend is concerned, tell her in a subtle yet honest way that you were too much stressed out at the time owing to an unprecedented predicament of facing her ex so much so that you developed panic attack and what followed after that made her mad.So apologise to her and also tell her that you love her as much as you have never loved any one before and you are going to take care of your panic attacks so that such a situation does not crop up in the future.As a gesture to convey your apology ask her if it would be appropriate for you to talk to her ex and establish a cordial relationship with him too provided if she is comfortable to allow the same. This will show her that you are honestly sorry and she will be compelled to give you another chance. I hope this helps.Wish you all the best. Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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