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My 20yr old Son has been diagnosed with disorganised Schizophrenia

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My 20yr old Son has been diagnosed with disorganised Schizophrenia and has been in hospital for 4mths. He is taking 450mg of Closapine and has been staying with me for about a week. Unfortunately he has ignored advise not to drink alcohol and has been consuming quite a lot in pubs with friends. I'm very concerned because his recovery is very fragile and he is still suffering from negative and sucidal thoughts constantly. His motivation is nil and he cannot see his situation ever getting any better yet he could no longer be kept in hospital as he was not a risk to himself or others when assessed. We will attend his discharge meeting on the 8th Dec. I am aware of the handover procedure as we have already been to one last year following his 6mth stay when first diagnosed with schizoaffectivedisorder. I'm very glad that he will have support from a CPN but having had him home for a week am very concerned whether he is well enough to cope. He is not interested in even attempting basic things to help get him organised like getting washed and hasn't cleaned his teeth in 4mths. He says the thoughts disable him so much that he just can't do it yet he is able to go the pub and socialize. I know that he needs to want to get better in order for me to be able to help him in his recovery but am concerned that he will just detoriate and continue drinking which may lead to drugs like it has in the past and more hospitalization or worse! Unfortunately he is repeating the same behaviour after discharge last year. I know it can taķe time to accept that you have a serious mental illness as I was 26 when diagnosed with bi-polar but have been stable on Litheum and well for the past 20yrs.Can you please give me some advise on how best to support and help my Son move forward with his recovery as the plans I had are clearly not going to work as he doesn't seem ready yet and just gets very angry and aggressive if mentioned. This has also been a problem in the past.
This is Dr. David
I am so sorry about your son.
he might need a higher dose of clozapine. max dose is up to 900mg a day.
he might need an additional medication like abilify (aripiprazole) to better control his thoughts.
you should try to go with him when he sees his psychiatrist
there are medications like naltrexone which can help cut down his cravings for alcohol as well.
he might benefit from joining a support group of other patients who are struggling with mental illness and alcohol use.
I hope he is taking his clozapine medication daily. if he is not taking it daily, his schizophrenia can easily worsen.
let me know if you have questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would really apppreciate if you could call me on my landline *********** thank you.
Andrea Bateman