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Dr Uzair
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I'm not sure if my girlfriend is pregnant or miscarrying. She

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I'm not sure if my girlfriend is pregnant or miscarrying.
She was bleeding brown blood with some clots. She has had some cramps/soreness. The bleeding lasted four days and has now passed. She has darkening nipples, her lower stomach is growing in a firm to touch size - noticeably bigger to me although not glaringly obvious. I'm wondering if this is implantation bleeding? She is tired and sleeping a lot as well as hormonal / mood swings.
She was on the pill but we had unprotected sex for a week inbetween packets around four weeks ago.
She is unwilling to do a pregnancy test as she is convinced it will show positive even if she is miscarrying. Is this true?
Look forward to your advice.
Hi and thanks for query, Bleeding that lasted four days with cramps and associated symptoms you described shows she probably miscarried. And she is right pregnancy test would come positive in both cases but if she had that bleeding when her periods were due that can be normal menstrual bleeding as well. I would suggest you should get pregnancy test to rule out normal menstrual bleeding and if it is positive she should get an ultrasound to exactly diagnose if the pregnancy is still there or not.Let me know if you have further questions.Please do leave a positive rating by clicking on stars on top right corner.Best wishes.
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