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Dr. Phil, MD
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I think i really need a spcialist that has some experience

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I think i really need a spcialist that has some experience of DHEA
I am in my 9th year of Metastatic prostate cancer and on three monthly Zoladex injections with a current PSA of 1.6. I frequently measure my PSA Cortisol DHEA and thyroid (thyroxin has been very low) this revealed 7 substances that I have eaten that make my Cortisol increase and also my PSA e.g. 20 calorie brown rice cake biscuits (2nd on glycolic index) Campbell’s mushroom soups - carcogenic plastic lining of the tin and surprisingly white tea but drunk in quantity. I found that when my Cortisol climbed from my normal level of 16 to 19 plus my Cortisol and PSA also increased.
There is absolutely no doubt about these substances causing the increases as both my PSA and Cortisol (lagging behind) return to their normal values as soon as I remove the substance from my diet. There is published scientific literature which shows that Cortisol can facilitate the spread of cancer,
My DEAH mean level (adrenal stress test) since the diarrhoea in June 2014 has been between DHEA mean 0.05 nmol and land 0.08 My current Cortisol level is 30 nmol/Lwhereas before it had been around 15 /16 for seven years except fo the above mentioned spikes
For various reasons including mood but mot of all in the hope of reducing Cortisol levels and thereby my PSA I about to take 7-keato-DHEA This wil not effect testosterone levels and will also hopefully improve my mood and most important of all it may well lower my Cortisol level. No one knows how or why Cortisol and DHEA divide into the proportions they do, however it is a see saw balancing act and at the moment Cortisol is on top and DHEA is anchored to the ground
I would appreciate any comments on the effects DHEA might have on me generally and specifically on reducing my Cortisol. Also suggestions as to dose levels
Malcolm redman
Any other medical issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
about 26 years ago I suffered from clinical depression due to owning and running two busy companies I took Isocarboxazid and lithium then and am stil on themam still on them - they have been successul. I take 50 mg of thyroxin.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sorry 150 mg of thyroxin
Hello Malcolm.Thanks for this reply.have you considered an exercise routine to help manage cortisol?Also, what was your last TSH?
Dr. Phil, MD, Board Certified Physician
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 58762
Experience: GP in the United States
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HelloI am a double board certified US doctor.Taking exogenous DHEA will tend to inhibit the conversion of 17-0h-pregnenolon to DHEA, therefore more pregnenalone is available for the cortisol pathway. in many cases, cortisol will go up and this is available for conversion to cortisone.I rank at the 100th percentile rank on our ABIM medical board in the endocrinology section.I also have advanced training in hormones through IFM, and my additional board certification in inetegrative medicine.I see you have already done an accept on this tread.If you would like to continue with me for further questions, find me in medical by request "for Dr. Thomas only".
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I f you cant phone for some time may I revert to messaging. you are the first medical man I hae talked to that makes any sense
Ifpossible i wsould like to dicuss any alternatives for lowering my cortisol and raising my DHEA. without being over dramatic iof i cannot then i will be likr the overwheming majority of others with this cancer - dead
Hello again
I do not do phone calls.
I use these posts only.
You can find me on a new post by request, in the medical category, if you want Dr. Thomas.
Thanks for this reply. Yes, the exogenous DHEA will increase cortisol but this doesn't tell us how you can lower cortisol. For that, sleep and exercise needs to be the focus. Do you have regular sleep patterns? Do you exercise regularly? If so, how much?