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There, I have recently had IVF treatment ending in miscarriage

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Hi there,
I have recently had IVF treatment ending in miscarriage at 6 weeks back in early October. As part of this treatment i was taking 20mg prednisone/prednisolone steroids and tapered off the drug for a few days, taking the last 5mg tablet around 18 October.
I had a blood test for CRP and full blood count on 18 November which came back normal, this was as reassurance for some nodes which I can feel in my neck and other symptoms. I had not informed the GP who ordered the test about the steroids as i thought it inconsequential.
Please can you advise if the steroids would give a false low reading of C reactive protein, even around a month after stopping them completely? I am concerned that I may not have got a true reading and there could be something sinister going on. Would the steroids affect the full blood count too after this long?
Thank you
Hi, It's Dr. C. Board certified physician. I can help you today. There is some research evidence that steroids will lower CRP levels. This makes theoretical sense too since CRP is an indicator of inflammation which steroids will attenuate. How long the effect of CRP lasts is harder to say. CRP usually rising quickly and falls more quickly than other markers of inflammation. The best course in this situation is to repeat the readings in 4 weeks or whenever your doctor advises. I hope this was helpful.
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