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I am a 53 year old woman... 5ft 5" wieghing 11 stone.... I

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I am a 53 year old woman... 5ft 5" wieghing 11 stone....
I have had irregular periods for about two years.... however ive had six regular periods... ive recently missed one and had terrible bloating..... I resumed an hour a day on the treadmill which eliviated the bloating.... but have for the last ten days have had hot sweats..... my body is just dripping all over... I have had blood tests in the last five months but the doc said that nothing was showing him that I was menopausal. ... could there be another reason?? Or can this be a sudden onset... I will say that I have vestibular neuritis / labs..... although most of the severe symptoms have gone now.....
Hello from JustAnswer.
The blood tests are very accurate at diagnosing menopause. While the blood tests are very accurate for the time at which they were done, it certainly is possible that you could have progressed to the point of being in menopause since the blood tests were done. Although menopause is not a sudden condition, some women will notice a sudden onset of symptoms.
It also is possible that you could be in the early stages of the ovaries decreasing estrogen production, as this typically is a gradual process over several years before the actual time of menopause. The blood tests are not as good at detecting these early stages.
There are other issues to consider when someone has sudden onset of hot sweat. If it is of short duration, there should be consideration of whether there is an infectious process. If there are other symptoms, it may suggest a specific infection, but just hot sweats as the sole symptom could be a simple viral infection.
It is also important to note that many of the symptoms that are associated with menopause can also happen with thyroid disease. Obviously, every women goes through menopause at some point, while only a minority develop thyroid disease, but if there are symptoms that cannot be explained after female hormone blood tests, it would be appropriate to also check thyroid blood tests.
If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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