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My dad has been going after tests to top doctors

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Hi my dad has been going for tests after tests to top doctors and hospitals to see why he coughs up blood sometimes mild and sometimes alot. There is now answer.Thanks god it is not cancer and no news is good news but it still doesnt stop him from bleeding and its like its coming from the lung area. He doesnt know where to turn next.only thing he now is googling is there a cure to stop bleeding any particular medicine not knowing the cause but yet to stop bleeding when it does happen?
This is Dr. David
I am sorry about your father.
coughing up blood can be from inflammation or irritation of the airways of the lungs.
if he is taking aspirin or blood thinners this can increase his risks for coughing up blood
he needs a chest CT Scan with contrast
and he has to see a pulmonologist lung specialist doctor to get a bronchoscopy to look down into his lungs to check for areas of infection or irritation of the airways or bronchus which can cause bleeding.
if he smokes, this can cause more irritation of the airways.
has he had a bronchoscopy and chest CT scan yet? what did these tests show?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes Dad has had all these tests and biopsisy as well and everything is clear. That is the confusing thing.Dad always himself is wondering is it a week blood vessel but he feels coming from lung. He coughs up alot of blood sometimes that doctors do panic but yet no answer. He has a serious illnes in 2012 septasemia and the infection caused an abses on his spin and was pressing against spinal cord and lost all power had to have major surgery to remove abses and had to learn how to walk eat all over again.Could have been in a wheel chair but thank god he isnt. However its since all this that this seems to be happeing.But yet no answer.Docs have done all these tests and more here in ireland that you have said and no answers and only last night he had to sit up in bed as he bleed alot and that why he asked me to google to see even if there a way to stop bleeding when it happens like a plaster on skin but yet what stops bleeding coming from chest .is there any medicine to take?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Also Dad doesnt smoke he would exercise regularly also. If he goes dancing jives etc if too much exertion on chest or if lifts something heavy it may cause bleeding also
the heavy coughing itself can cause blood to come out
he needs to stop these coughing episodes.
he needs a pulmonary function test to check for asthma and obstructive airway disease.
if he has asthma, he might need a bronchodilator to keep him from coughing
if he has runny nose or post nasal drip, this can cause cough
if he is smoking, this can cause cough.
there are cough medications like Tesselon Pearls (benzonatate) which can help stop cough.
you didn't answer if he is taking aspirin or blood thinners like coumadin or plavix which can thin the blood and make bleeding easier.
he should get a CT angiogram which can look at the blood vessels of his lungs.
he could have a thin blood vessel or vein close to the surface of the airways.
when you strain or cough or bear down, you increase intra-thoracic pressure in the lungs which can increase pressure in the veins which can cause them to bleed
a CT angiogram scan of the chest is different from just a simple chest CT scan
and looks at the blood vessels and checks for AVM arterial venus malformations which can bleed in the chest
and also checks for aneurysms in the chest as well
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No its not that he has a cough it only when bleeding starts he tends to feel like coughing and up comes the blood. Yes as far as im aware he has had all these test you suggest and no doc can see anything. He just doesnt know where to turn too for answers.No Dad was never on blood thinners etc.Thanks
I see.
I would go with him to his next doctor's appointment
and ask about a CT angiogram to look for AVMs
and ask for the results of his pulmonary function tests
and see if he coughing medications can help him.
see if allergy medications can help him him from coughing.
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