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I am 18 year old female who has been sexually active

Customer Question

I am 18 year old female who has been sexually active for at least two years. Two days ago I had intercourse with a new partner who is significantly larger than anyone who I have been with before. The intercourse did hurt me however not enough for me to want it to stop. The next day I felt tender but nothing that would worry me. The day after that I woke up feeling bloated and feeling uncomfortable internally, almost like something was inside my vagina. I went to the toilet where it was excruciatingly painful to urinate. I went to take a look in the mirror and noticed thin white odourless discharge dripping from the inside of my vagina and when I pushed down more came out. The rest of the day it was extremely painful to urinate and I noticed more discharge in my nickers which dried slightly yellow, again odourless but a lot more than I would normally see. This morning I have woken up with a little less discomfort but it is still very painful to urinate, it still feels like the urine is entering an open wound and burns. I took another look in the mirror and the discharge is still present however it looks like there may be blood within it, and there was small light blood spots on the tissue after urinating. Originally I thought this may be thrush however the feeling is not necessarily itchy but more stingy and the area around my vagina is swollen and hot, however that seems to have reduced slightly over the last few days. I bought some thrush cream and a pessary but I feel too swollen and tender to insert the pessary. I've never had an STD before and I checked that my sexual partner did not have on either, however after reading online I've realised I share some STD symptoms and now I am starting to panic. I didn't think that the symptoms could appear so soon after intercourse however. Please help me I am in a lot of pain and I'm a bit scared to go to the doctor.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
you really need to see a doctor to get an examination and some testing.
trying to tell from your symptoms and guess at what you might have is not the right way
you need your urine checked for urinary tract infection. burning with urination or pain with urination or cloudy urine are signs of bacterial urinary tract infection which will need a course of antibiotics.
you need a gyn examination and vaginal culture to see if you have an infection
you could have an STD, or a vaginal fungal infection or bacterial vaginosis infection
you could have a vaginal laceration from the sex if he was large which can cause bleeding and pain.
you can see a doctor at the ER or planned parenthood or school clinic if you are in college
you need to see a doctor for evaluation and treatment
you don't want an infection to get worse and spread into your blood stream or infection to spread into your pelvis and cause scar tissue and threaten your fertility.
let me know if you have questions.