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I have had an acute proximal DVT in my left leg extending

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I have had an acute proximal DVT in my left leg extending from the popliteal vein to the beginning of the common femoral and also in my anterior tibial vein in the calf. I have been on blood thinners (rivaroxaban) for three and a half months and the swelling
in my calf and foot has gone down a bit but is still present especially when I have been on my feet all day. I find this very depressing. Is it likely that the swelling will ever go completely or is it something I have to accept.? The hospital treating me
says they will not do another doppler ultrasound until February 2016.. Could I go to another hospital and get a doppler ultrasound done by saying that my leg had just recently swelled up and not disclosing initially that I am already being treated for DVT?.
I do not like to be dishonest but want to know whether or not the clot is resolving at all. Thank you John
You could do that but when your insurance finds out they will not pay for it. The clot is likely still present to some extent. The swelling is present due to damage in smaller blood vessels. It takes them time to recover and collateral circulation to develop In time it will improve. They are not doing another doppler as it does not change the treatment. This is fairly standard. Its best to wait until February. I hope you feel better.
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