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I have a pain in my side on my rib over 2 weeks,

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Hi, I have a pain in my side on my rib for just over 2 weeks, the pain is quite painful but wouldn't class it as severe. I would say the pain is coming from the lower left ribs On the left side of my body. I went to A&E on Sunday because of the pain, they performed and ECG, Blood Tests, Blood Pressure & Chest X Ray which came back fine, the doctor diagnosed me with a possible intercostal muscle strain. On Tuesday the pain increased so I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with Costochondritis and prescribed me Co Codamol for the pain. I still worry this could be something else like pancreatitis , do you think that this is possible with all the tests I have had? is it normal to have to have this amount of pain just from a muscle/cartilage that is not getting any better?
any other medical issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No none
No. I think your doctors are right on the moneyThis is costochondritisNo way this would be pancreatitis or other GI issue with what you have described and the tests that were run
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I heard that Costochondritis usually effect that sternum mine doesn't really, mine is pain inline with my breast around the 8th 9th or 10th rib. The pain never goes and is really annoying, this pain is always ON the ribs and never under the ribs, because it's on the ribs instead of under would this give you more confidence that this is nothing serious?
rarely does it affect the sternum.You heard incorrectly
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So it can involve just the side?, I thought people reported chest pain with Costochondritis so it was more central and not just on one side which is why people thought they were having a heart attack as Costochondritis mimics this. When I spoke to the first doctor he told me it could be an inflammation of a cartilage or a muscle in that region, when I said like Costochondritis he said no that's more in the chest rather than the side but the next doctor said it was Costochondritis so I'm a bit confused. Would you say pain on the ribs rather than under the ribs is less to worry about?
It can involve any area of the ribs
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