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I should like to ask a question on behalf of my father. He

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I should like to ask a question on behalf of my father. He is 85 years old and his general health is quite good. He is active with regard to housework and the weekly food shop but has some difficulties with walking far, I think that is due to a knee problem. He would be classed as obese but doesn't actually put on weight even on an extra piece of cake, as far as I know he's not losing weight either. His problem and my reason for writing is that he has been suffering from digestion problems for the last 2 weeks, he says he has a bitter taste in his mouth, a constant nausea feelling, more yawning, feeling hot and cold (like flu), has sticky lips during the night and in the morning, more burping. He tells me that he has had it before and it has gone away, but now it is worse than usual.
This is Dr. David

his bitter taste in his mouth could be from stomach acid reflux up into his esophagus and back of his throat which is very common.

excessive stomach acid can cause gastritis inflammation of his stomach which can cause nausea and burping up gas

Gaviscon is a mild stomach antacid. he might need stronger stomach acid blockers like Prilosec (omeprazole) and zantac or Nexium or Protonix prescription stomach acid blockers to decrease stomach acid.

certain foods like alcohol, spicy foods, tomato sauce, oily or fried foods often can cause the stomach to produce more stomach acid and cause acid reflux and bitter taste in the back of the mouth.

does he have a GP doctor he can see about stronger medications to help decrease stomach acid?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes, he has an appointment to see his gp, do you think the extra yawning is relevent? Thank you for your answer. I was concerned about cancer.

his symptoms right now are not pointing to an obvious cancer.

if he is not sleeping well at night time because of acid reflux, this can cause fatigue and more yawning during the day

I would get his acid reflux under better control and change and improve his diet and his symptoms could get better

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