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I am 70 years old & try to keep fit. I used to swim every day

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I am 70 years old & try to keep fit. I used to swim every day but was advised that pool chemicals were having a drying irritating effect on my skin so I avoid swimming every day. On 12th. Dec. I was swimming in my leisure club pool when I felt a slight irritation in an eye & that evening the eye b ecame bloodshot. On 14th. Dec. my GP diagnosed an eye infection & told me to use chloramphenicol eye drops. I did not swim again until 18th. Dec. (yesterday) by which time I thought that the eye was okay. However, the eye again became bloodshot & I am using the eye drops once more. The vision seems alright but it is alarming when the eye becomes so bloodshot. The staff at the leisure club insist that the pool is checked regularly and is perfect. What is the problem? Chemicals in the pool are irritating the eye? Is the eye infection (diagnosed by the GP) unrelated to the swimming pool? I will continue to use the chloram phenicol eye drops. What do you think?
any other medical issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

On 25th. Nov. this year I had a biennial eye check-up with an eye specialist who didn't think there was anything to worry about, although he recommended Clinitas carbomer gel to be used if I experienced occasional itchy eyelids, but I have not been suffering a bloodshot eye until this month & only in one eye. That's all I can think of that might be relevant.

Did you see an ophthalmologist or an optometrist?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I saw an ophthalmologist at the Nuffield in Glasgow. However, that was before the current problem which my GP thinks is an eye infection. What bothers me is that I thought it had cleared up & so went for a swim resulting in a flare-up which resulted in me going back on the chloramphenicol eye drops. Swimming has been part of my fitness regime since childhood & am reluctant to give up.

I think you need to see them againI don't think this is an infectionI think it might be immune related like iritis or scleritis