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Im 59, female , a little overweight , fairly active,and

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Hi, im 59, female , a little overweight , fairly active,and been told I have fallen arches and wear specially made orthotic inserts for 6 months. I have poor balance without them, been told I walk on toe 1 and heels only. My ankles are weak.
But I think I have Neurological problems with my feet- lifting my feet to put on tights is a nightmare. I am a retired veterinary surgeon. do you think this could be a stenosis at one or more spinal sites/ disc problem/ ms/ ( parkinsons unlikely as no shaking, mentally very quick and upbeat). ?
I presume fallen arches is not a neurological problem, but result of standing at work for years?
Should I have xrs / mri/ neuro tests?
This is Dr. David
most likely no MS and no parkinsons, but you could have weak muscles around your ankles.
you are right, fallen arches is not usually a neurological problem.
but you can see a neurologist and get a full neurological exam and evaluation
you might benefit from an MRI scan of your lower spine to check for pinched nerves.
poor balance could be due to damage to nerves in your legs from neuropathy causing problems with balance.
you might benefit from physical therapy to help strengthen your legs and to strengthen your ankles.
you could be having poor circulation into your legs which can cause swelling and edema.
too much salt in your diet can cause fluid retention in your legs.
a doppler ultrasound of your legs can check for proper blood flow into your legs
let me know if you have questions.
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