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Dr. Hasan
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I had an encounter with a female escort. Everything

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I had an encounter with a female escort. Everything was protected including oral but we did French kiss. Can you catch hepatitis b or c from such an encounter? I was very careful that a condom was used for intercourse and oral and it did not break...but I am just a bit worried about the kissing element?
Hi, Thanks for your question. I'm Dr. Hasan and I'll try to help you. I am sorry to hear about your problem. I am going to address your primary concern but later you can ask anything you want. The encounter you had can't transmit hepatitis B or C. Even kissing or sharing utensils can't cause this. Mothers who have hepatitis C can't even transmit it through breast feeding. I have mentioned this just to let you know that the transmission is not that easy. This is your anxiety that is bothering you. You are not even sure about the status of that person. I give you my words and reassure you that you are at zero risk of getting any disease through this encounter. Just relax. I wish you good luck for a healthy life. My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have received anything less, please reply back as I am happy to address follow-up questions. Kindly rate me when you are done. You can come back here to ask anything even after you have rated the answer. I will be glad to help you always. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much. I was careful but we did kiss so I just wanted to check with someone qualified that I couldn't get Hep B or C like this as long as intercourse and oral sex was protected. So both diseases are not that easy to catch and my exposure is basically zero risk? I think it's my anxiety causing me some nausea which is why I am worrying!
Thanks a lot for your input. Yes I am more than 100% sure that transmission of both diseases is not possible through this encounter and this is just your anxiety which is bothering you. Hepatitis B or C even if transmitted can't cause nausea like this so this is your anxiety and nothing else. All the best. Enjoy your Christmas. Please remember to rate my answer. My best wishes and prayers will be following you. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think I just read that nausea was one of the early symptoms and panicked! Have a great Christmas too.
No it's not true. Nausea can be early symptom but it doesn't come so early after the transmission. It takes months for the virus to become activated to cause all this. Just relax. Please remember to rate my answer. My best wishes and prayers will be following you. Regards
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