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I had a tonsillectomy in May 2015 after which the new wall

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I had a tonsillectomy in May 2015 after which the new wall came out prematurely on day 3 and tore an artery and I lost several pints of blood. I've restored my iron to full and have had my b12 and folate tested and it's fine. Even 7 months on I'm exhausted. My doc sent me for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy as I had had some blood in my stool. Apart from having a minor polyp removed all was okay. I didn't really take time out after the tonsillectomy so is it possible that will a full iron could (275) it's still this when I have had periods when I've felt fine?
This is Dr. David
if the colonoscopy and gastroscopy didn't find the area of bleeding, you might need a pill endoscopy procedure to look into your small bowels
sometimes small AVM or arterial malformations in the small bowel can cause sporatic bleeding and this can cause black tar like stools and loss of blood silently which can lead to anemia and low red blood cell counts and fatigue.
you should also get your thyroid hormone levels tested as well which can cause fatigue.
viral infections like mononucleosis can cause long term fatigue as well.
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