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I am English, I live in Indonesia, I need a TURBT. Can I come

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I am English, I live in Indonesia, I need a TURBT. Can I come to England and have the op with the NHS ?
Hello from JustAnswer. It depends upon what you mean by the question. It is possible to have the surgery done by the NHS, but the NHS earlier this year changed the expectation of which ex-patriots are eligible for free care within the NHS, and it appears that individuals living in Indonesia would not be eligible for free NHS care. There are certain countries that have reciprocal agreements with the NHS, but Indonesia does not appear to be one of these countries. In some of the early discussions of these changes, there was comments that someone that had paid into the system when younger may be eligible for some benefits, but the changes that were announce earlier this year did not include any such benefits. Is this the information that you are seeking?Is there any other information that would be helpful?
I have not heard back whether there is any additional information that you are seeking, so I close the question for now. However, if you think of any further questions, you can certainly Reply to Expert and I will be glad to assist you.
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