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Please can you help? I regularly take Doxycyclin skin

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Please can you help? I regularly take Doxycyclin for my skin but didn't do so for a few months. I started to feel really nauseaus about 2 months ago, so I thought I had a tummy bug and started taking them for about 5 days. When I stopped, I threw up badly the next day. I thought I might have had food poisoning, or bruising to the stomach, so wasn't too concerned that I still felt unwell. However, it continued so again I took the antiobiotics for about a week, stopped and it came back. Then I was ok for a little while then I started feeling ill again, so started taking the antiobiotics again. I was fine but they ran out just before Christmas. Basically, since then I feel really sick, even when doing nothing, but also when driving, using the phone or computer. It's a mix of dizziness and nausea, but mainly I just really sick feeling. I have only ever had a tummy sickness 3 times, one when I was an infant and 2 times with rotavirus (I'm 34 now, so it's not something that happens a lot). I'm getting concerned now because it has been going on for ages. Sometimes it is accompanied by a burning hunger pain just above my stomach, and I have a full / bloated feeling in the same area (I think it's my intenstines) but mostly it's the nausea, meaning I need to lie down. Please do you know what it might be or how I can get it to stop? I'm working full time and am really drained. My work hours don't leave time for me to get to a doctor.
any other medical issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. Not really. I have bad skin and pcos, so was on metformin in the past. I haven't taken it for about half a year. I forgot to say I had an itchy rash on my chest at some point during this, but it's gone now. I take vitamin D jabs, and I was very low in iron at some points. I haven't had a recent blood test, but last doctors visit they said my iron was ok. I think my ferritin was super low, around 3. Thanks for the reply
It sounds like an inner ear issue Is this possible?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hey thanks for the reply. It could be possible, but the feeling is definitely in my tummy first. It kind of feels like rotavirus but without the throwing up. Also I get a bit of a bitter taste every now and again in the back of my throat, I think associated with the tummy burning. It feels really acidic. The bloating is really unusual too. Thanks for replying. I wouldn't rule out the inner ear issue anyway
It could be gastritis or GERDOr a stomach bugI agree.I would try zantac or prilosec and see if that helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ps, would the doxycycline make that better? When I take it for a period the nausea stops.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the reply. I didn't see it until after I sent the last message. I will look these up and give them a try! Thanks a lot : )
you're welcome :)please don't forget a positive rating. I appreciate it
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