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I got married some 4 year back and later came to know that

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I got married some 4 year back and later came to know that my wife brother has Schizophrenia, he is around 25 now, he is into this stage for last 6 to 8 years, i had two baby girls now (2 and 3) years, i am worried if this Schizophrenia is genetic or not, or in other words i want to know about the possibility factor if there is for my kids.
Hi there.It is only genetic in those that have the disease.So if your wife has it then yes. But if its only her brother then you are fineRemember your wife, is 50% her brother. And your kids are 50% of her. So they only share the same genetics 25% with their uncleI think if your wife is fine though then you are ok
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
well, what medical experts including you says about this possibility, is there any concrete information that you can relate with, both of my girls have same blood group as mine, does this also matter, also is there any genetic test available that can ensure about its possibility.Also my wife was relating that when his brother was of my daughter age he used to have same cold allergy like for my kid she has always running nose whole winter plus she vomits also very often especially when she woke up in morning, also while sleeping in the middle of night due to congestion she woke up and vomit, so I am really worried about these condition.Do I need to worry about all this, are they related, because i read about Schizophrenia and its written that it doesn't show up till 18 or 19 and then it comes up like from no where, also its sated that it varies from region to region like for me and my wife we are from pakistan and living in saudi arabia for last 6 years, my both kids were born in pakistan but they are living in saudi since the time they born.I want your more expert advice over it related to my concerned i mentioned
The blood type and the history of the sickness has nothing to do with itThere currently is no genetic testBut also keep in mind that schizophrenia is much more common in men so you are good there too
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok that's the question i was about to reach, now we are planning for another kid and we might go with medical help to have a boy now, do you think we need to take any special care for it,Ii mean any kind of recommedation you suggest to avoid its possibility.As you mentioned to have 25% possibility, which for me its too much to get worried.Thanks in advance
No it is not 25% possibility.You share 25% genetics.I don't think you need any special precautions
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hmm, I think I should be relax by now after this conversation but still have one question tingling in my mind about 25% genetics, I would be more then happy if you give me more details about this 25%.Also if you can recommend any test that we can go with for me and my wife to get it and check about the probability.