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I'm almost certain from advise from others that I have

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Hi, I'm almost certain from advise from others that I have shingles, and have done for a week. I was made aware that are meant to blister and then scab, but it has started to fade out and disappear.
My concern is, I should be going back to work tomorrow, but there is a pregnant woman at work who's midwife has said to stay away from until the rash has scabbed. If the rash is barely visible is it still contagious.
I'm not itchy, in pain or have any of the symptoms other than the visible spots clustered on my left side.
Hello from JustAnswer. During a shingles outbreak, the virus will only be shed while there are open sores. Once all of the sores have completely scabbed over, then there is no longer any shedding of the virus and you are not contagious to someone that has not had chickenpox, including your co-worker. In your case, if the rash is barely visible, then there would be no open sores, and it would not be contagious, so you would be fine to return to work. In addition, if it was only a rash that never formed open sores that scabbed over, but instead directly faded and is disappearing, it may never have been shingles. But regardless of whether it was shingles that is now fading and disappearing or was never shingles, as long as there are no open sores, then you are not contagious and it is fine to return to work. If I have answered all your questions, please rate my response Excellent (click on the 5th star).However, if I can provide any further information or clarification, please let me know.Please bookmark my profile for asking future questions.This is a link to my
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