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When am I going to get an answer to my Medical question?

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When am I going to get an answer to my Medical question?
Hi, 68 year old retired male. For the last few months, I have had a lot of itching on the palms of my hands. It seems to happen if I get hot, i.e. warm enviroment. It seemed to happen when I went out dancing, at first I thought is was because of dancing with lots of diferent women, some of whom had sweaty hands. This however is not the case, because I get it now without dancing! Yesterday we had a few friends around for drinks & a bite to eat, from 3pm, it got very warm indoors. By 6pm my palms were covered in red blotches, hot , &" itching like hell". I try to cool them down by putting in cold water, but it doesnt make much difference. Couple of weeks ago when it happened I tried some Lanacane ointment, this seemed to help, but when tried yesterday it didnt help much at all! It has calmed down a bit today.
This sounds allergy related.
Have you started any new meds lately?
It could also be related to some type of neuropathy Are you diabetic or B12 deficient?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No new meds. Had blood tests 3 months ago , all OK.
Okay. Then at this point you will need to see an allergist for scratch testing to see what you are allergic to.In the meantime, start taking oral zyrtec daily to control it